Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cute Twin Clips

Here's a couple of cute videos of twins.
How neat that these kids will have so many of their growing up moments preserved for them in picture!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Twincident #2

I met someone yesterday for the first time. I knew that he knows Julie so as we shook hands, I said “Hi, I’m Stacy, Julie’s sister”, just as he was saying “Hi Juuuu” and then his eyes got wide and said “Oh, you're her sister? Are you twins?”  Yes. : )

Then there were two little girls, as adorable as can be. They just look up at me and stare. It seems like they know I’m not Julie {because they know her better than me} yet, they look at me like “who is this person?” Their stares don’t reveal much to most, but I know they are confused. It’s so cute. I explained that I’m not Julie but I’m her sister. They seemed to understand a little.

Even at 36 years old, it doesn’t end.

Twincident #1

I thought we could start recording some of the incidents that we’ve experienced.  As in complete strangers (at least to one of us) recognizing and confusing us! It’s kind of crazy.

Like when I used to work in Madison. Julie lived in Madison. On my lunch hour I went to the grocery store to get a salad. It was one of those nice grocery stores with a salad bar. I should mention I was pregnant too, about 6 months? The clerks checking out my order said “Weren’t you just here?” Ummm…no.  “Yes, there was someone just here that looked like you but had a little girl in the cart.”

Oh, Julie must have been there before me!

Sure enough. I went home and came back with different clothes on and suddenly became pregnant too! LOL Too funny.


Monday, October 17, 2011

the twins’ blanket {book}

Last week while we were at the library, I spotted this book and had to read it. Then I had to buy it.
the twins’ blanket by Hyewon Yum.

The Twins' Blanket

Page 1
Page 2: 
We share toys, clothes, and a room.

Once, we even shared Mommy’s belly.

And we’ve shared the same blanket ever since we were born.  

That’s what Mommy says.

But we are big girls now. I’m already five.

I’m five too.  We’re twin sisters, remember, silly? The blanket has gotten too small for both of us.

I think I should have this blanket. Because I’m the big sister, and I can’t sleep without it.

No, I think I should have it. Because….well… I can’t sleep without it, either. And you’re only three minutes older than me!

I am mad at my little sister! Mad at me? I am mad too. You’re so greedy.

Mommy says we should have separate beds now – twin beds since we’re big twin girls. And she’s going to make a new blanket for each of us.


We’re buying new fabric for our blankets. I pick yellow with flowers on it. Yellow is my favorite color.

I pick pink with birds and flowers.

Pink is my favorite color.

Before she starts to sew, Mommy lets us wash the fabric in the backyard. The water tickles us. We laugh and laugh. It’s so much fun!

Then we dry the fabric in the sun. I think yellow is an excellent color for the blanket. Don’t you?


It takes a while – and a lot of sewing – to make two blankets. I want Mommy to finish mine first.


No, mine first. You always get to be first, and that’s not fair!


Finally, they’re finished. Mine is so beautiful. Now I have my own blanket like a big girl. I can’t wait to sleep with it.

Mine is even more beautiful than yours. And it smells like sunshine.


We go to bed early, in our twin beds. But I can’t sleep.

Me neither. My eyes are wide open in the dark.

I stretch my arm out. There’s my little sister’s hand.

I hold my sister’s hand tight. I think she is scared.

I was scared, but I feel better now.

Then we fall asleep in our own beds, with our own blankets, for the very first time.


Love this book! I can relate!

Julie & I are “look-a-like twins” and we shared nearly everything! We did not share a blanket though, I know we each had our own…that we loved to shreds…then Mom suggested we give them to the new puppies in the barn & therefore couldn’t have them back. Smart, smart! We did that & I remember yet. We were 5, like the girls in this book.

Other parts I {we} can relate to:
  • Fighting over something – do twins really fight?!  Not for long anyway. Winking smile
  • One slightly older than the other – I’m 1 minute older but I don’t think that was ever “used” so much. One minute hardly counts but fact is…maybe, anyway, if the doctors & nurses didn’t mix us up. Who's to say??
  • Favorite colors – Julie’s was/is blue & mine was/is pink or red. This basically is still true, although I like a lot of colors, I’m still partial to red or pink. We were often dressed similar but different colors. See it’s in writing!  “…pink is a much better color for everything!”
  • Mom sewed for us a lot! She did work on one dress to a certain point and then the other dress to the same so one wasn’t completely done before the other. Or she just plain didn’t tell us she was making them! Probably easier.
  • Mine is even more beautiful. That line is typical.
  • We had twin beds too but often slept in one. We we were used to sleeping next to each other and did for a long time.
  • It’s such a “twin thing" to do, to use part of the old blanket on each of the new ones! Something our Mom would have done.
  • Visit our twin blog: Together We Grew Not much new there in a while though!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Birthday from the Past

Julie sent this picture to me recently - one of Mom's she must have scanned.  I remember this - were we 7? I'm pretty sure it was a present from Mom & Dad. Strangely, I don't really remember playing with that doll. I'm sure we did play with them, but I don't remember that hair or changing the baby after it was wet. I guess that was a long time ago! Now, it's been about 30 years ago. Wow.  How can I be this old?  I wonder what was in those other boxes behind us? Something really great I'm sure. We always had special birthdays. Oh yes, Mom made those dresses for us too. I'm wearing those thick yarn bows in my hair. I remember those!
Julie on the left ~ Stacy on the right

Julie found that these dolls are still available on Ebay. For just $10! Great buy for vintage!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Experience with twins?

Just rec'd a call regarding day care:  

"Do you have any experience with twins?"  

Me: "Well I haven't cared for twins, but I am a twin..."  

Oh!  That sounded acceptable to her but I don't have any openings right now.  : )