Monday, March 30, 2009

How Twins Are Made

It can't be any easier (or cuter) than this!

Monday, March 23, 2009

9 Sets of Twins

9 Sets Of Twins At Orfordville Elementary School
School Has 240 Students

ORFORDVILLE, Wis. -- What are the odds of having twins?

Better yet, what are the odds of having nine sets of twins at an elementary school with just 240 students?

The sixth grade at Orfordville Elementary School in Rock County has five pairs of twins. The fourth and fifth grades have two sets each.

Science teacher Dennis Socwell is a twin himself. Socwell said in some cases, it's tough to tells the twins apart. One example is Haley and Marina Gookin. He said they're identical twins with very similar personalities.

Two other Orfordville staff members, physical education teacher Jim Viaenne and food service worker Marilyn Klassy, also have a twin.

The school has even set aside a special day. The students dress like one another on Twin Day.
I remember there was a set of boy twins in our preschool class. I remember (or Mom repeating the story) that we couldn't tell the boys apart & Mom explained that's how it was for other people that that they couldn't tell us apart. We didn't understand why people couldn't tell us apart. Funny! I suppose it's not likely that all 9 sets will graduate in the same school district but wouldn't that be a fun class?