Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday Dresses

Mom made these dresses for us for our birthday one year. She always made our birthdays special. I think it was a Daisy Kingdom pattern. Maybe she can comment and tell us how many hours she spent on them!

From the candles, it looks like it was our 9th birthday--1983. Silly picture!

Mom saved the dresses and passed them on eventually. Our cousin wore one and returned it years later.

Here's Kira wearing it in 2004 at age 6.

The sleeves are a little faded but it's in really good shape for being about 25 years old! I think this was Stacy's dress because my vest had different buttons. We dressed alike often but little differences in style or color made it our own.

Mom's Note:
"Yes, I made these from one of the original Daisy Kingdom patterns. They were a load of work but a lot of fun to make too and they wore them a lot - besides passing them on! They weren't cheap for fabrics, ribbon, lace, and buttons! Quite a few hours to make and I think I was keeping them a surprise so had to finish them after they went to bed just before their big day - my Mom helped me finish them up in time! And, I never made the pattern again! Mom."


  1. Cool! What a fun blog. =) I used to play with my dolls when I was a kid and pretend that I had twins. Everytime there is something unusual in the news, like the couple that had a black and white set of babies twice, I always read about it. Genetics and personalities are just so interesting! I will look forward to seeing more pictures of you two on here! =)

  2. They ARE beautiful....and I remember both of you wearing them! :)