Monday, November 7, 2011

Twincident #1

I thought we could start recording some of the incidents that we’ve experienced.  As in complete strangers (at least to one of us) recognizing and confusing us! It’s kind of crazy.

Like when I used to work in Madison. Julie lived in Madison. On my lunch hour I went to the grocery store to get a salad. It was one of those nice grocery stores with a salad bar. I should mention I was pregnant too, about 6 months? The clerks checking out my order said “Weren’t you just here?” Ummm…no.  “Yes, there was someone just here that looked like you but had a little girl in the cart.”

Oh, Julie must have been there before me!

Sure enough. I went home and came back with different clothes on and suddenly became pregnant too! LOL Too funny.

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