Monday, November 7, 2011

Twincident #2

I met someone yesterday for the first time. I knew that he knows Julie so as we shook hands, I said “Hi, I’m Stacy, Julie’s sister”, just as he was saying “Hi Juuuu” and then his eyes got wide and said “Oh, you're her sister? Are you twins?”  Yes. : )

Then there were two little girls, as adorable as can be. They just look up at me and stare. It seems like they know I’m not Julie {because they know her better than me} yet, they look at me like “who is this person?” Their stares don’t reveal much to most, but I know they are confused. It’s so cute. I explained that I’m not Julie but I’m her sister. They seemed to understand a little.

Even at 36 years old, it doesn’t end.

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